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 Golf beginner - where to start and what do I need?

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PostSubject: Golf beginner - where to start and what do I need?   Thu Jan 29, 2009 2:51 pm

The first time you go out golfing, asked an experienced golfer with you to be brutal about your etiquette:

Fixing ballmarks
Ready golf vs whose turn is it
Picking up tees
Taking extra shots
Slowing down the group
Line of sight distraction
Searching for lost balls
Walking across putting line
etc etc.......

Take a few golf lessons to get the fundamentals down pat for starters.

It's much easier to learn the right way than to uncorrect your wrong doings once they are habit from prematurely playing on courses and going to driving ranges without the proper instruction first.

Check out
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Golf beginner - where to start and what do I need?
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