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 Water Damages

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PostSubject: Water Damages   Water Damages Icon_minitimeThu Jan 29, 2009 2:48 pm

Well dear kids are the same problem tht every house wife have to face cz they jus mess with things like eatables but most importantly while playing they pour water on carpets, furniture and walls. well mostly carpets and furniture is damaged by the water sometimes with drinks. my kids did the same think and i used some detergent to remove the spot but my carpets look as i ruined up it. my friend from my neighbour hood told me about them water damage los Angeles so i tried them and wen i saw the tools then i get to know already tht they can do tht they not only clean the spot but also remodel the carpet as it looks tho. cz they way of dealing with it was so comfortable tht is why i recomend you to try them and free from al tension of kids.
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Water Damages
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